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April 8, 2008

Straight from my Farmers Agent’s Mouth

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MoneyI’ve had Farmers car and homeowners insurance for some time now. After my freak weather accident in January of 2007 my insurance rates went up. Really, that accident was nobody’s fault; it was the weather, and I wasn’t given any citation for reckless driving or whatnot. In fact, other cars spun out at the same place. Either way, I was penalized by the insurance company because they paid money out on my claim. Later that June, my daughter, who is also on my policy, had a very, very minor fender bender (her fault) and minimal claims were paid on that. Subsequently, our rates went up again. Of course.

Recently, because neither my daughter or I commute daily to work, I had them change our coverage to pleasure only, hoping to save a significant chunk of dough. I’m only saving about $30 a month that way, and when I wrote to my agent and complained, wondering why it was so freaking expensive (I pay $230 a month for two cars and only one is financed), and the amount is nearly what I was paying three years ago when I had FOUR cars insured through them.

Here’s what he said:

“In general, one should expect that on AVERAGE one will pay more money to the insurance company than the insurance company pays to them.”

Car,Thief,Criminal,Rudeness,Night,Crime,Mischief,Stealing,Pinching,Smart Card,Car Jack,Evil,Ugliness,Cartoon,HumorReally? WTF? Then why the hell do we have insurance? This makes absolutely no sense to me, other than to support the popular belief that insurance companies are crooks.

He also said:

“You are not being charged for the Sept. 26th [2007] claim of $4,668 even though that did cost Farmers that money.”

Oh, well that’s good. Because that accident was NOT MY FAULT. I was rear-ended and it just so happened that the other driver also had Farmers coverage.

“You and [your daughter] have each lost the 25% accident-free discount as a result of the other $12,568 that was paid out for the other two incidents.” 

Wow. Because if I average out what I’ve paid to Farmers, it exceeds $12,000. So his logic must be right. But not right ethically. Again, I ask, why have insurance? Why not just put the money in a savings account where I can earn interest on it? Oh, right, because then there would be no insurance companies and no crooks.

“Farmers is continuing to cover you and will continue to pay out if there is another claim.”

You mean there’s a chance they would have canceled my coverage? Are you kidding me?

The message I have received is run, don’t walk, to a better insurance provider. Can you imagine if I’d had a catastrophic accident and was hospitalized? They’d probably refuse to pay, or make it very difficult, and then cancel my insurance. Good. Freaking. God. I hate insurance companies.

(Sorry, Dad. I know you used to work for an insurance company. At least it wasn’t Farmers.)



  1. That sucks! Did you change companies?

    Comment by Moonbeam McQueen — April 12, 2008 @ 8:03 am | Reply

  2. @MB – I haven’t. Not yet. I’ve been too tired. The whole thing just drains the life out of me. You know, stress, and all that. Ugh.

    Comment by Little Miss — April 12, 2008 @ 8:08 am | Reply

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