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June 29, 2008

When it’s hot in Seattle

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This is what you see on the beaches.


Rather, you can’t see a thing because all the white skin is so blinding.

I wonder how many tan salons there are here per capita compared to areas such as Texas, California, or Florida.


June 17, 2008

Anyone having problems with Typepad?

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I’ve tried to go to some Typepad hosted blogs today and the performance seems to be unusually slow. As in the files never load, or it takes over a minute or more to load. Just wondering if there’s an issue? Thank goodness I have WordPress. I’ve never experienced any issues with them.

June 16, 2008

Some Things Make No Sense

Moonbeam McQueen once posted about Megan Meier, and I just came across an updated article on the trial progress of the woman accused of harassing Megan, allegedly leading Megan to commit suicide. (In case you don’t want to read the article, she’s pleaded not guilty and is out, free, on $20,000 bail.)

I haven’t really been following this story all that much. It’s horrible, though. What jumped out at me was this bit of content in today’s article at the Seattle Times online.

James Chadwick, a Palo Alto attorney who specializes in Internet and media law, said he has never seen the statute [Computer Fraud and Abuse Act} applied to the sending of messages.

He said it was probable that liability for the girl’s death would not be an issue in the case. “As tragic as it is,” he said, “You can’t start imposing liability on people for being cruel.”

Say what? You can’t? But we impose laws and penalties on people for being cruel to animals. Why on earth can’t we hold people accountable for doing the same to other human beings? That’s got to be the most assanine comment I’ve ever heard. Just because the medium inflicting the cruelty was words and technology and not hands, fists, and stones, doesn’t make the act any less viscious. We prosecute Marines for throwing puppies off of cliffs, but this woman doesn’t get hit with some sort of involuntary manslaughter or something?

Some things just make no sense to me.

But one good bit of progress…

In response to the case, Missouri legislators gave final approval to a bill making cyber harassment illegal.

January 27, 2008

Triplets, perhaps?

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David of Thoughts-0-Dave reckoned that Wendy (Life with Buck) was separated at birth with Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird.

I present an alternate theory. Wendy’s picture looked so familiar to me, what with the Pixie haircut and all, that I had to go look through my school pics.

Another sibling? Or just the cute little impish look all girls in the 60s had?

wendy_lwb.jpg   claire.jpg

January 26, 2008

Poor confused robins

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Today, it is supposed to snow. Actually, more like this evening, and in some areas they are predicting about two inches. It’s friggin’ cold outside. The robins around here however don’t listen to the news, nor do they read the garden thermometer I’ve so kindly placed on the back fence. This morning, I went downstairs to refill my coffee, and there were no less than twenty robins of varying sizes in my back yard gorging on the frozen moss that has accumulated over what should be a lawn. When I moved toward the window, they all flew up toward my roofline and it sounded like something from an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Akira, the black cat, however, is having a field day. She’s running from window to window to spy on them and make little cat growling, clucking noises at them.

I love my back yard because it borders a natural growth protected area and when the weather starts getting nicer, I see all sorts of birds: finches – black, yellow, white – bluebirds, cardinals, robins, hummingbirds, and the standard household variety starlings and crows. One time a finch even landed on the edge of my second story window and tried to get inside. Dumb bird.

I guess the lack of my tending to my back yard – the rotten leaves from fall, the soggy grass, the moss that has frozen all over, and the dead rosebuds  – have turned into a great feeding ground for the wildlife. As long as the raccoons stay away, I’m okay with it.

January 25, 2008

Random Thoughts

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Things I’m thinking about doing, or need to do, today:

  • Need to itemize out all my debt so I can make a plan for getting rid of it. Ya, putting it in the circular file gets rid of it, but somehow it reappears in my mailbox some time later.
  • Make time to daydream about my future, where I want to go, what I want to do, where I see myself at retirement. That’s really visionary thinking because I’m a long way from retirement.
  • Write down my dreams of the future so that I can work back from there and make a plan of sorts. Make sure it includes a male companion who will adore me, not sickeningly though, and enjoy life with me.
  • Take Lily for a walk or let her go play at the local dog park. Hopefully she’ll play. All the dogs there are bigger than her.
  • Find a way to get my sewing set up. I really, really want to sew. Anything. An apron. Sheers. A doggie dress. I don’t care. I just want to sew. I don’t know why I can’t get that going again.
  • Go to my mom’s house this evening for her monthly birthday party.
  • Stop and pick up my old work laptop so I can get some docs off it.
  • Meet an old boss and network.
  • Take a nap. Maybe two.
  • Figure out a name for my writing and editing business. This is an important one. This is why I’m stalled for moving forward. I need a business name so I can register it. If you have any clever ideas, let me know. Hey, there may be a gift card in your future if your idea is used. No promises though, cuz I’m broke right now.
  • Do the normal household crapola like laundry, bathrooms, floors.
  • Win the lottery so I can chill and also share it with my friends who also need money.

Time for more coffee.


January 24, 2008

Morning Moonlight

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Here’s a moon picture because Wendy posted a moon picture. Since I’m in a different part of the country, I thought it would be fun to take one here for comparison. This was taken at about 7:00 a.m. today from my backyard up here in the Pacific Northwest. It doesn’t really get light out at this time of year until around 7:30 or 8:00.


Do you know how hard it is to take night pictures? Well, it is for me. I really want to learn how to adjust the settings on my camera so I can get better night shots. This one, the moon is fuzzy because of the hazy clouds in front of it. However the other night, the moon was so bright, and the sky so clear, that I thought a light was on in my room. That’s even through the drawn curtains.

Anyhooo. Maybe I’ll get better pictures another time.

January 23, 2008

Free Day, Free Time

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Today I had no work to do. Waiting for the reviewer to review the doc and return to me tomorrow. That’s fine. Just means I’ll be working Saturday and Sunday, likely.

Ya, sure, I could have been working on my resume and sending it off or building my website, but geez. A girl has to rest and have some fun for herself, right? So today I slept in, sort of. Surfed the internet looking at sewing sites, home decorating ideas, and then putzed around in my loft, where my office and my sewing stuff is. I even cleaned half of the downstairs floors but that pooped me out so I took a nap. I was going to actually do some sewing, even if it was a plain set of panel curtains, but I got distracted. And tired.


Copyright © 2004 Debra Galloway

Tomorrow I’m leaving for the seaside – permanently. Just kidding. Can you tell I’m done with the gray skies of winter?


January 22, 2008


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If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Me? I’d live along the coast somewhere. I’d have a view of the huge expanse of ocean out my living room and my bedroom windows. I’d have hardwood floors throughout, and the walk to the beach would be close enough that I could go there every day and take my little Lily for a walk. My job would be either out of my home, doing what I’m doing now, or I’d open a yarn and fabric store nearby and make sure it houses a complete selection of espresso drinks.


I don’t even know if my dream location would be on the Pacific Northwest coastline, a Hawaiian or tropical island, or some other coastline of the US. Maybe it would even be somewhere in the Mediterranean. But there’d have to be a fair dose of sunshine through the year.


What about you? Do tell. Inquiring minds are curious.

January 21, 2008

Buried in Words and Update.

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Still editing. Tired, not feeling well, and dealing with foggy brain syndrome. Have a mini-deadline tomorrow, so wish me well. But when I’m done, I’m going to help Moonbeam find some paying gigs. 🙂

Meanwhile, my grandson is graduating to the league of little boys who no longer wear diapers. YAY.

And, my youngest daugher does not have a hernia. We are very happy about that. The antibiotics and Prednisone seems to be helping. Finally. I really want to see her get her own life on track but she’s been knocked back so much in the last year and a half.

I kind of like this little blog over here. Not many seem to know about it. I took another hit from the nasty knitters today, so much so that I got pissed off and answered back and then closed the post from further comments.

Negativity just drains me. I can’t deal with it well – at all.

Off to edit telephony customer service big software corporation jargon and unintelligible speak. Acronymn hell.

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