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April 28, 2008

The Hardest Lesson to Remember

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It’s the world’s oldest cliche. When the way is unclear, keep on moving forward. Don’t lose your focus. Don’t give up. When times get tough, the tough get going, and all that jazz. <Add your own cliche here.>

But the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my life so far is “To thine own self be true.” This doesn’t necessarily mean to always put your needs above everyone else’s; it doesn’t mean to be selfish or self-absorbed. This means that you have to be true to your heart’s desire, to honor your strengths, and your passions. Diluting your spirit by expending your energy in areas that do not bring you joy or peace is just a waste of time.

I guess I’ve just been very aware lately of a higher force working in my life lately. There are times when that realization is obscured by doubt, low self esteem, fear, worry, and much more, but then, just before I’m about to give in, something happens and the clouds of uncertainty are blown away.

What happened, you wonder?

I’d been discouraged lately about finding enough work to keep me afloat while I start my new business and wondering if I really was going to need to get a “traditional” job again, commuting 5 days a week to somewhere I hated. I’d blogged about interviews for jobs I’d gone to that were close to what I wanted but then didn’t get, or they were so far off from what I am good at that I’d gotten depressed – again, fearful that I’d have to go back to traditional Corporate America.

But patience and maybe good old stubbornness reigned and today I had two interviews for the same work with a client (through a consulting agency) that will be some very steady full-time work, at least until the end of June, and very possibly for much longer after that. And best news? It’s 100% remote. YAY. The manager fully believes and encourages flexibility, while demanding results. THAT, I can do.

It’s exactly what I was looking for. And they want to hire me. That light I see isn’t a car coming head-on, but rather a prayer answered.

The cherry on the top of the cake? I’m down another 1.4 pounds! WOOHOOO!


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  1. good things come to those who wait. 🙂

    great news on both accounts. thanks for sharing!


    Comment by mermaids — April 29, 2008 @ 10:59 am | Reply

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